For over 10 years I have been dealing with various aspects of implementing innovations in marketing. I have worked for local and global agencies and international corporations. I assumed strategic roles and those directly responsible for marketing and sales of products. In the course of my work, I have helped many teams in: brand and product communication strategies (in particular to hard-to-reach groups, such as doctors or nurses), planning a media strategy, negotiating with media agencies, or building digital sales strategies (used effectively during sales visits) ).

I managed to generate about PLN 6 million in savings while maintaining or increasing the current goals, and to acquire and implement PLN 5 million for innovative projects in the companies where I worked. So far, I have trained about 50 marketers and 200 representatives working with the end customer.

I am a speaker at many industry conferences, e.g. Pharma Planet or Poland Pharma Forum and a juror in competitions such as Innovation organized by the Association of Marketing Communication (SAR).